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Irish and Proud

Battle lines are drawn as identities clash on the streets of New York ahead of this year's St Patrick's Day parade
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The Brooklyn Radio Show for 'Dissident' Irish Republicans

Most of the week, John McDonagh can be found patrolling the streets of New York in his yellow Medallion cab. But every Saturday the nearly 60-year-old activist and comedian takes to WBAI’s Radio Free Éireann, a radio show hosted out of a Brooklyn pub, to cover “the Irish freedom struggle from an Irish Republican point of view”.

The continued woes of NI’s economy: bank lending down “a third” since 2010

BANK lending in Northern Ireland, “the oil which lubricates the economy” has significantly fallen in the last three years, The Detail can reveal. A drop of 33% has been recorded, a figure which shows the extent to which volumes of money in circulation here has shrunk – and which lays bare the scale of financial hardship being faced by the local private sector.
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United States of EUrope? (shorter version)

AUDIO - British debate of the EU spills over to Ireland during Irish Presidency of the EU.
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Escorts speak out on law change

In a Northern Ireland media first, escorts working in County Antrim speak to Count Antrim Post reporter Andrew Coffman Smith about proposed changes to prostitution laws, the media’s portrayal of them and the real story behind human-trafficking.
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NY nuclear plants: On the brink of a subsidized future or more shutdowns

New York's nuclear plants are in dire need of revenue and Exelon Corp. is warning that the Nine Mile Point and R.E. Ginna nuclear plants may be forced to close if state regulators fail to provide subsidies to compensate upstate nuclear generation at above-market prices. Meanwhile, Entergy Corp. is crying foul at the exclusion of Indian Point — the sole downstate nuclear plant — from Gov. Andrew Cuomo's subsidy plan.
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"Tiresome" Eleventh Night bonfires pose carcinogen threat

The toxic threat posed by tyres at loyalist bonfires continues to draw the ire of both unionists and nationalists as the Eleventh Night draws nearer and pallets stack higher.
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Do unicorns eat flags? The politics of Northern Ireland's "Catholic Unionists"

The search for the elusive Catholic Unionist vote is far from an “exercise in folklore” as Alex Kane maintains, it’s a journey into the very real no man’s land of Northern Ireland politics. Polls continue to show that up to 40 percent of nationalists favour Northern Ireland remaining within the United Kingdom if a border referendum was held tomorrow.
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SC Governor opposes bill to educate parents on cancer-causing HPV

Legislation seeking to encourage HPV vaccinations of South Carolina children advanced Thursday in the state Senate. However, supporters of the effort to educate parents on the cancer risks posed by the human papillomavirus worry that the stigma surrounding the sexually transmitted disease and opposition by the governor and socially conservative legislators will kill the bill's chances to save lives.
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A love story with mystery at its heart

At the cost of your conscience and the truth, would you save your career by smearing a whistleblower in a scandal that may implicate your lover? That is the dilemma that Fleet Street journalist Joanna faces in new novel The Greening when she stumbles upon the confessional journal of a woman named Anna Leigh while browsing in an antiquarian bookshop to buy a gift for her lover – a married Cabinet member.
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Probably the best barmen in the world

More than 150 years after putting an Irish stamp on the new world and putting 'Bill the Butcher' six feet under, word on New York's streets is that the Dead Rabbits are back.
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AUDIO - A Healthy Body is a Healthy Mind: Physical Exercise Boosts Mental Health

Radio package on how physical activity boosts mental health
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Andrew Coffman Smith

Andrew is a Washington-based energy and cybersecurity journalist with S&P Global Market Intelligence (formerly SNL Financial). He covers nuclear energy, energy cybersecurity, and New England's and New York's energy markets.

Andrew is NCTJ-certified and holds a MA in Journalism from Ulster University in Northern Ireland and a A2 Certificate in German from the Goethe Institute.

Andrew has previously reported for The Associated Press, PEI Media's Low Carbon Energy Investor, The County Antrim Post and Nashville Today. He has also been published by the Irish News, USA Today, the Washington Post, Vice News, The Detail, and other outlets.

References are available upon request. Recommendations can be found on Andrew's LinkedIn profile.



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